Mount V2 20G

Mount V2 for most common home breathing apparatus, black/silverfor installation on two standard rails, 20g testedIncluding:1 x Mount System V24 x Strap System 500 mm, 4 x Strap System 1000 mm2 x Strap System 1500 mm, 2 x Strap System 2000 mm1 x Case for accessories
  • MCS731200
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Mount V2 20G
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Technische Daten
material: stainless steel/aluminium
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√ Usable for all common devices√ Easy handling and low weight√ Made of high quality materials√ Max. payload 15Kg√ Connections remain accessible√ Mounting on single and double rail√ DIN EN 1789 u. EASA CS-27
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